Meet Hope & Wade


Hope and Wade King are both passionate educators who have found tremendous success with students from a variety of backgrounds by creating an environment that supports and encourages strong academic improvement and achievement. They have built their classroom on the foundation of student engagement powered by academic rigor. Hope and Wade are authors of The Wild Card – a book that has taken the education community by storm. Hope and Wade travel the country working to help teachers make school a place where students WANT to learn each and every day. They are also the cofounders of Get Your Teach On – a conference for educators.


Hope King

Hope King is a decorated educator with over eleven years of experience teaching first through sixth grades. Hope holds a Master’s Degree in Reading. Since working and traveling with Get Your Teach On, Hope has trained thousands of educators. Hope enjoys meeting teachers from all over the country as she shares her passion for student engagement and rigorous content-driven instruction. Hope is the popular blogger behind the website Elementary Shenanigans and is a teacher author for the website Teachers Pay Teachers. Hope is the co-author of the book “The Wild Card” written with her husband Wade King. Hope is a cofounder of the Get Your Teach On Conference.

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Wade King

Wade King attended Anderson University, where he received both his undergraduate degree and his Master’s Degree in Educational Administration and Supervision. Wade has been recognized as a District Choice Teacher and Teacher of The Year. His students’ outstanding achievement scores and growth on standardized tests were some of the highest scores in the state of South Carolina. Mr. King attributes his students’ success to a “no excuse” policy that he models himself. The relationships he fosters with his students, their families, and community is the driving force behind his teaching. Mr. King’s classroom is filled with music, engagement, rigor, and discipline. He strives to prepare his students for their futures and not their pasts, while also placing an emphasis on global learning.

Keep up with Wade on Instagram at @heywadeking.